Looking for support for media server project

hi loooking to set up a mulitple feeders to g drive , then mount to either plex ( users permitting ) or jellyfin set up

What Operating System?

What is the problem?

What did you already try to solve it?

Complete Logs

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Hi @hades8888

What are you looking for?

And also why are you doing this?

  1. why do you want to pay for it when this is a free project?
  2. out of pure interest, what do you want to spend? :wink:
  3. use pts/mha until sbox is ready, we will be happy to help you on our or pts/mha discord to configure the installation.
  4. you can’t do it with “g drive”, you need t drive
  5. if you have enough money and customers i recommend other services and WHMCS with own storage then you only need a dump or other source where you get your content. ( since you want to have multiple feeders)
  6. what exactly do you want to do and what do you need?

Just to save time I want things set up a certain way

4 feeder servers to team drives

1 main output server 10 Gbps ( already have) to output content from drives

you are wrong here, try it on reddit because here is for people who want to set up and manage their own servers. google kronos and try it with that

First off we don’t allow for paid services. We are an open-source community. You can most definitely set up more than one feeder into one drive. We can walk you through a setup if you would like. This way you understand how it works in case if it breaks.

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that would be great its getting the set up right as will be 4 feeders to team drives then mount to main output

DO you plan on encrypting? Are they going to the same folder?