How to setup Trakt Lists in Radarr

Adding automated “Lists” syncing to Radarr

Firstly, sign up for an account on Trakt ( You could also use other services including TMDb, StevenLu, or RSS feeds - but Trakt is the one I opted to go with. Note down your account name, you’ll need it shortly.

By default, your account will come with a single default “List” created called “Watchlist”. You can create as many different lists as you’d like, however I stuck with Watchlist (for reasons I’ll go over in another step). Go ahead and add at least a single movie to the list.

  • In Radarr under “Settings,” select “Lists” and press the “+” to add a List.
  • Choose “Trakt List”
  • Give your list a name (eg: “Trakt Watchlist”)
  • Set “Enable Automatic Sync” to YES.
  • Set “Add Movies Monitored” to YES.
  • Select your Quality Profile (likely default of “Any”)
  • Select your Folder (where the movies will be downloaded)
  • IMPORTANT: For “List Type” select “UserWatchList”.
  • (TIP: If you accidentally miss this step and leave it on the default “Popular”, it will literally ignore the list you aim it at and start downloading Trakt’s entire top few hundred movies from it’s public “Popular” list.)
  • Set Username to the account name you chose when signing up for Trakt.
  • For List Type write “Watchlist” (the name of the default list).
  • NOTE: Alternately if you choose to create other custom lists, this is where the name of them would go instead of Watchlist.

Everything else can be left at defaults. Select “Test” to confirm it connects successfully, and then “Save”. Back on the root “Lists” Settings page, change the “List Update Interval” to “10” (i.e. every 10 minutes), and then “Save”.

You can now log in to the Trakt website, search for a film there, and then click “Add to Watchlist” from the webpage. Radarr will now remotely scan your Trakt Watchlist every 10 minutes. Once you’ve added a new film to it, Radarr will pick it up and add it to it’s Movies list without any further intervention from you.

Many people have created some great lists on Trakt that you can add to your lists in Radarr, just repeat the steps above but with their username and list name.

Here’s a few to get you going

List Examples