How to join the cli beta?

Hi im rebuilding a new server have zero fear of cli and would like to join the beta test as this server is just gonna be running the docker containers of my old pgx system while i shop for a better one.

very keen to help and as i said. the vps its going on is disposable and my gdrive has full backups of all my settings but dont mide scanning the tdrives in fresh as a clean system.

server is ready for a fresh os so i can can join and help. please hit me up


Join our discord for further help with the Beta program and instruction on how to install and run everything

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Thanks for the quick response. I’m on the discord just couldn’t see it. Will dig it out now.

What is your username? I can tag you to the install scripts

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which os u want me to try. got a clean slate so dealers choice

I’m running ubuntu 20.04

You need to join the discord and accept the rules

You can use at the moment!!!

Ubuntu 18/20

Would love to join the beta.

You need to join the discord and accept the rules

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