How to get an Unlimited GSuite

Google has just recently upgraded its GSuite offering to Workspace . Those with a GSuite subscription have been able / can upgrade it to continue to have unlimited GDrive storage space. For new customers, this option, available via a Company account , is no longer directly accessible. So there remains the solution of going through a Business Standard account. Indeed, if this subscription only includes a 2TB GDrive / user, it does allow the creation of a shared Drive. This is what we will create and implement.

In this tutorial, I will discuss subscribing to a Workspace account, creating a shared Drive and mounting it encrypted via rClone. In this way you can use it on a server that is already installed or as a base for a new infra. It’s all new for me, I start from 0 through this new service and a shared drive.

  1. Subscribe to an offer (14 days of trials)
  2. Configuring GSuite
  3. Create a shared drive
  4. Create the Client ID for rClone

Subscribe to the offer

You need an email, a domain name and a credit card or a bank or PayPal account. Subscribe to the Business Standard offer at $12 USD (like the old GSuite offers).

We will be subscribing as one use so select “Just You”

You can type anything for the First and Last name. For email, you need a valid one.

I already have a domain name that I will use. If you need help with obtaining a domain please see this guide.



If you would like emails from google click ok if not click no thanks.


Now onto your login for GSuite. It will be set as whatever you put in and followed by @ Mine would be [email protected].

If not automatically directed to this next page please login to the “Admin console” with the login info from the previous step. You would be forwarded to this screenshot.

If you google Google Workspace promo codes you can usually find a 10% off code. (J6FUM46V6CFHWTY) Is the current one.


This is where you would be paying for GSuite. I will be using one of my PayPal accounts.


Configuring GSuite

Now it's time to configure the Workspace account.

Let go ahead and start the verification of our domain.

I continue with TXT validation. Open a tab in your browser and go to your registrar, where you manage your domain name.

Google will help you with directions on this part. This part will take a few mins.

After this, we can skip the rest. By clicking at the top left, we have the menu for your Workspace.

I recommend validating the terms of use. For that, we go in the menu then click Account and Account settings. Here we see that we have 3 conditions of use pending. On the screen there are only 2, I have already tested

Logically we answer No to the last one, which therefore remains “refused” and pending.

Also in this menu, you can take a look at the current subscription via Billing / Subscriptions.

For those who already had a GSuite offer, like me, this is where you have to go to upgrade your offer to a new one. Although not relevant to this article, I opted for the Enterprise Standard upgrade which offers unlimited basic and single user GDrive (it seems so far). In short.


Create a shared drive

This step is very simple. Once you have made an account, simply go to your drive and sign in.

Once here, you will see a side bar to the left hand side with the following:

Simply right click anywhere in this blank space and a small window will pop up


Click “New Shared Drive” and name your drive whatever you like (try make it short as it will make your life easier down the line). For example, I have named my Shared Drive “Media”.


Create the Client ID for rClone

First you will need to enable your Google Drive API, you can do this here

Tip: Make sure that you are logged in to the correct google user and select the correct project!

Once here, click enable


Now you can navigate to the google API credentials page

Tip: Make sure that you are logged in to the correct google user and select the correct project!

You will notice on the left sidebar a tab called credentials, make sure you are in this tab.


Once here you can now click the “+ Create Credentials” button at the top of the screen


Then click OAuth client ID.

It will now ask you to configure a consent screen


Click the “configure consent screen” button and this will now take you to this page

Here you will want to choose internal and then click create.

Fill in the app information with whatever app name you want and select your GSuite admin email for the support email.


You can leave the ‘App Dopmain’ fields blank.


You will now have to add your domain to ‘Authorized domains’ and then your email as the ‘Developer contact information’.


now click save and continue.

at the next screen ‘Scopes’ you can simply ignore this and continue.

Review the summary and then click ‘go back to dashboard’.

Now you will be able to the client ID. Go back to the google API credentials page.

Click on the ‘+ Create Credentials’ button again towards the top then ‘OAuth client ID’

For application type, choose ‘web application’ and name it whatever you want and then click create.

you will now have access to the Client ID and Secret! Copy these down and keep them safe.


Very detailed write up.
Cannot believe that i am the first to thank you for this effort but here you go…



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Hey @Syndrogo , thanks for the write up it makes sense and would be easy to follow.

I’m not sure if your able or if someone else can chime in with a new guide, but my situation is that I still have the legacy GSuite subscription and I’m sure google will want me to upgrade to workspace soon. However I was using plexguide with a regular gdrive (not a teams drive). I’m concerned that if/when I upgrade I’ll need to get my content moved into a teams drive and then adjust plexguide (or really rclone and such) to point at the new drive.

Any chance you or someone else knows what steps I need to take and settings to adjust in order to minimize hassl/downtime and get all my content properly copied and available to PLEX and other programs?

So this discussion is a ify one. I am also on the legacy system and i think they are going to allow us to be grandfathered in and wait for the email telling me to switch.

Welcome to the forum.
I was going to chime in yesterday but am with Syndrogo on this…
Nobody really KNOWS so to give you advice is potentially hazardous.

However we are in the same boat and the reality is that once SB1.0 lands we will ALL have at least some work to do on our servers, at a minimum restore backups from PG8.5 or possibly even a whole new setup from scratch.

Best advice we can give is keep reading be patient and keep your ear to the track and eyes on the forum/discord (and for the email from the big G).


Hi Syndrogo & Deadpool (remember you from PG),

Thanks for awesome guide!

I have two quick questions,

So is it confirmed that the previous “Tdrive” and “GDrive” data get grandfathered in? I remember the discussion in PG, which being grandfathered in/ able to have unlimited data in future was still up for debate? Just double checking.

The second question, Would you recommend doing the Workspace upgrade sooner or later?

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Good to see you.

NO nothing is confirmed yet.
NO don’t do anything until there is concrete information.

some have made the change while others, like us, are being more cautious.
my point is simply that signing to workspace and the new t&cs might not be beneficial for some of us who might be data hoarders… but we don’t know yet so why would you risk it?
doing arbitrary things to appease a mythical god (google) because we think it will get us brownie points by doing so is… naïve (at best).

as i often said over at the other place keep reading, keep learning and keep your ear to the track.


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I’m also keeping my old gsuite account for the moment and not change anything. Sure I have some alternative plans like moving back to home storage if g00gle will disable everything in the future. But I don’t care too much about the files, this may be different for some other people :).

Thank you @Syndrogo
Well explained and detailed

When choosing oauth client TYPE using WEB APP will no longer work(as per above write up).
I tried DESKTOP APP and that worked.
Unsure if this has been mentioned/discussed already.


I just bought an account 14 days ago, what should I do?

I had set up a GCE Feeder with a large list from in Sonarr , thinking that is why google is deactivate my account right?. :frowning:

How many files was it and in what time frame??

Maybe 15000 files in 20 days. :slight_smile: