GSuite vs Workspaces

For those of us still running PG (in my case 8.7.5) who are on the old gsuite, what does the future look like? Is it recommended to upgrade to workspaces, and if so, does that break rclone at all as far as pgblitz and the team drives and service accounts, APIs, etc?

Or should we still just sit on gsuite, not migrate to workspaces, and take a ‘wait and see’ approach?

There was a pretty active thread discussing that on the old forum, but I hadn’t checked in on it for awhile before the forum disappeared. Did a consensus arise out of that?

I’m up to about 200TB in my gdrive+tdrive using gsuite and blitz, and it’s still working great, so I’d hate to do anything to jeopardize that.

I switched to workspace enterprise standard

And all works as before

I run only tdrive ( nothing is stored on gdrice )

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Hi Matt
Good post.

We have a similar amount of data being held.
There was lots of panic initially (as you will recall) whereby everybody jumped onto WS.
I have taken the Wait and See approach.
My thinking was simple: signing for a new workspace account (or an upgrade) would hold you to any new terms and conditions.
I believe the consensus arrived at Google not changing much for at least two years during which time they will keep informing the user as to their intention before forcing a move either way.

So, in conclusion, i haven’t done anything yet (bar keeping my ear to the track).

Keep reading, keep learning and we will be in a good position once things are more concrete…



Most of us that have taken the wait and see are waiting for an email from google telling us we have to transfer our account to workspace. As of today I still have not received an email. I assume we are grandfathered into a plan that still allows for the old account system.

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Thanks for the responses. I think I’m leaning toward a ‘wait and see’ approach at the moment.

Like i said if they do grandfather in we could save quite a bit of money.


Hi guys have received the mail from Google advising they will transition my gsuite to workspace in Jan 2022. Anyone got one yet and if so what to look out for? Soz Havnt followed sudobox forums for a while….I see doobsi did it. Anyone else?


Hi doobsi I got the mail today for the transition to workspace. Any issues your side?


To keep unlimited storage you’ll need to upgrade to Enterprise Standard.
Then if you have less than 5 users, you will be limited to 1TB per user. If have more data than that, you won’t lose any of your data, but you won’t be able to add any new data.
If you have 5 or more users (or you add users so that you do) then you’ll have unlimited storage.
So basically, you can keep unlimited storage, but the cost is mich higher.

That’s just the written terms, but is the storage really limited to 1 TB if you are just a single user? GDrive Business had similar restrictions, but they were never enforced. Unfortunately doobsi is no longer active and cannot give any feedback after a few months of use.

Thanks for getting back to me, is this GDrive related? I ask as all mine is on shared drive. I have less 1tb on GDrive and only one user

I’ve just bit the bullet and upgraded to Enterprise standard. $20/month. Rolling contract so will keep that until they enforce anything to remove unlimited…

Thanks safcast. Was it a pretty straight forward process I.e click on link , click on the option to use “Enterprise Standard , 1 user” then set and forget and I suppose wait till they come a knockin?

Yep very easy, just goto the upgrade options, then it applies almost immediately.

Cheers safcast -

if I May be so bold - what’s your setup?

1 user = 1gdrive, one team share with loads of data?

Although not as much as some people , I got at least 60tb on the teams share.


any update on this lads?

Right now some of us are still grandfathered into the Gsuite plans. If you cant keep the plan then your only choice is the workspaces method.

im still on a g-suite plan but had the email about workspace. is it still an unlimited account if moving to workspace?

to my understanding yes but you will pay more.

I got this e-mail too. It will switch to the Workspace Standard Plan which is for me about 10,40€ (basically the same as before). Just have your media on the shared drive and everything should be fine.