Google Cloud Instance GCE Feeder

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04

What is the problem?

Hi fellow boxers.

I have a few questions regarding GCE Feeder:

I have a dedicated server set up with MHA-Team fork fully configured.

Once I have set up the GCE Feeder should I then remove Radarr, Sonarr, qBittorrent, NZBGet, Traefik and PTS Blitz from my current setup, and deploy it on the VM?

Yes, remove them.
Several reasons, but mainly to avoid duplications and clogs in the system. GCE will download/upload quicker so your other system won’t transport across to gdrive and it’ll just clog up your /mnt/downloads and /mnt/move folder.
Also, it’’ok Hit your indexer APIs twice…

Sorry, I didn’t read your question completely.
I leave pgblitz, plex, traefik on the main server. Anything to do with downloading on GCE. Use traefik too on GCE and have a second domain handy. :+1:


Hi Timmeh

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Do you know if it possible to use community apps on GCE feeder?

I really need QBittorrent-VPN!

I have heard in the past that bittorrent on Gcloud is not recommended as you pay for all outbound data. If you are using the free credits it will get ate up fast. If you are actually paying it can get expensive real quick.

I have QBittorrent setup to stop seeding after download complete. :slight_smile:

I would like to use QBittorrent because rTorrent cannot remove torrent after download in sonarr or radarr.

I need this option from QBittorrent “Copy .torrent files for finished downloads to:(folder)” rTorrent do not have it ;(

On mobile and offer more insight later but you can download the raw yml from GitHub.

Then run anisble-playbook qbittirrentvpn.yml and it should install it. Since the gce version “hides” non gce related apps I have had to do this with a few community apps.

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