Firefly Reboot

How do you guys feel about them recasting Firefly and possibility starting back in the civil war?

It really depends who is involved, we’ve now reached a stage where network stupidity is less of an issue and Disney has done pretty well with a lot of the other IP it’s purchased, I feel optimistic it could get the talent and production it needs under them, but i’m not sure if they would be better going back to the TV series format or going with a sequel to Serenity? I mean a lot of the cast have moved on, it’s not going to be cheap if they want to pull them back and contractually that ship has sailed a long time ago.

So far I am predicting a show just because of the success of Wandavision. We can continue from the original show due to the plot of serenity. Also shepherd died in real life.

Don’t get me wrong, pre Disney things were said by Nathan Fillion for example that he didn’t want to go back and risk tarnishing what was arguably a near perfect run, we got a brilliant season, then we got a brilliant film, sadly not appreciated at the time, but still brilliant and profitable to an extent that few other shows have long term, as a professional actor would you want to risk compromising that? I can see why he felt as he did at the time. Then again look at Harrison Ford and Star Wars, if the pay heck is big enough I can see a few key cast returning for a few handover episodes and perhaps the odd drop in and a few ongoing arcs, and then push it onwards with new cast/characters - if it goes wrong, everyone would likely blame Disney anyway.

Either way this is one I will be following, despite my reservations, I really, really want it to work out and this is one of those almost impossible long shots where I really want it to.

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100 % agree i love the universe and can’t wait for more stories.