Containers not updating

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04

What is the problem?

Since last month, my containers stopped automatically updating.

Watchtower is no longer working you have to do it within docker or portainer.

Docker Hub added a API Limit to pull the updates.

Increase Rate Limits | Docker.

Some of the images of PG are out-of-date

Radarr > is now nightly
Sonarr > preview
Nzbhydra > Nzbhydra2

Tonight I’ll get a guide and a list of these for everyone.


Any chance of this list please Syndrogo?



I speak for myself of course (although i presume i might echo the thoughts of others) but it feels like continuing to tinker with PG might cause problems going forward (it certainly has done for me over the past few weeks) and is a fool’s errand and therefore it’s probably best to just wait for the release of SB 1.0 so i can start afresh.

Willing the team on for a speedy distribution of the long awaited, hotly anticipated SB.


Let’s just say a test will be here soon.

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