Autoscan Error After Plex Update

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 19.03.13

What is the problem?

autoscan was working a treat until i updated plex through the docker and now when i add things to plex through sonarrr or radarr they dont scan in so i followed the guide from scratch again and getting error codes FTL Failed decoding config error=“yaml: line 13: did not find expected key”

What did you already try to solve it?

a reinstall and followed the guide

Complete Logs

how do i add these and how do i get them?

Additional information

Anything else that helps us assess the situation like screenshots. As much data as possible

after taking a gap out of line 13 i now get this FTL Failed decoding config error=“yaml: line 71: could not find expected ‘:’”

cant see anything wrong on line 71?

trying fresh install again but how do i delete /opt/appdata/autoscan from my system

What do you changed on line 13 ?

problem now being autoscan is triggering a full library scan instead of just the files thats been added?