Anybody seeing slow Hetzner traffic today? (Finland) - Solved

EDIT - Hmm, after about an hour, all seems well again. That was weird.

On my EX42-NVME in Helsinki I’m seeing pretty poor speeds today that began like an hour ago. I had a huge download queue and was monitoring the rclone uploads to Google drive and saw they were transferring around 1Mb/s each to 8Mb/s each.

When I do a speed tests to my server this is what I see (would normally test 400Mb/s each way on my gig symetrical fiber at work)

This is known to happen from time to time from the States. Just think of all the hoops your connection has to make to connect to Europe.

Yeah but specifically it was the speed at which my Helsinki hetzner server was uploading to Google drive this morning via rclone that was concerning, and the speed test kind of confirmed that something was amiss.

I initially had peering issues when I first set it up but then after a setting cloudflare as a CDN it seems like it’s gotten a lot better.

peering could be anything. it could be your server having some connection problems. or CF have the odd few problems. or your ISP. there is a lot to troubleshoot before knowing where the issue it is exactly. when i get problems. it is usually my ISP.