[Action Required] Drive API requires updates to your code

Ubuntu 18.04

This is not a ‘problem’ as such but I’ve had an email from Google to say that they have made changes to their API and that changes to the code used by one of my API’s for plex may need to be changed.

Has anyone else this and will we require to either relink rclone or more worryingly it will stop working after this date as it requires an updated rclone?

What do I need to know?

Items that have a Drive API permission with type=domain or type=anyone , where withLink=true (v2) or allowFileDiscovery=false (v3), will be affected by this security update.

In addition to the item ID, your application may now also need a resource key to access these items. Without a resource key, requests for these items may result in a 404 Not Found error (See below for details). Note that access to items that are directly shared with the user or group are not affected.

also looking for a reply on this

Due to this my sonarr and raddarr lost permissions to my mounts which cause them both to start re-downloading my entire lib. I had to redeploy mounts and that seems to have fix my issue other than several hundred items in my download queues.

Are you sure that it’s due to this? The change doesn’t seem to come into affect for another week or so, or was your date different?

To clarify, does this also affects the old Plexguide code as well?

how did you redeploy mounts?

I redeployed via the menu. I assumed my issue was related to the change in Google drive.

iv an email saying the same thing but marked for the 13th