About SudoBox.io

A little about us

At SudoBox our ambition is to give you an effortless, fully automated media box installation. SudoBox comes complete with a clean, intuitive easy to use UI eliminating the need for backend command line interaction. Our main priorities at SudoBox are security, ease of use and convenience. Our tools are entirely dockerised and customisable enabling you to administer more efficiently from within our dashboard. We have a strong sense of pride in project SudoBox, not hours but months have been poured into this. We’ve loved putting together SudoBox and we wish to carry it on for as long as we can. We are aiming to strive towards being fully supported on multiple operating systems. . . Starting with Linux. We’ve loved putting together SudoBox and we wish for it only to grow.

Single Command, Multi-OS Install Script

Sudobox is committed to making a dynamic automated project, as such, provides a single command to install our entire application on a multitude of Operating Systems.

GUI Installation Wizard

Sudobox comes with a simple, elagant, easy to use installation wizard which allows for easy deployment

Versatile Dockerbased System

Sudobox is completely dockerised, and uses a unique docker management system to allow the addition of custom docker containers, including a library of templates for one click deployments, which is all accessble from Sudobox’s Web Interface

Built in Docker Management

Striving to make a convenient all-in-one user interface, we have coded from scratch a docker management system to monitor, edit and maintain all your installed docker containers.