2021-11 Sudobox News?

Sadly, I myself do not have any news. I do wonder.

I understand that the admins have decided not to have as many posts. I however wonder how things are going and if there is still hope? The last announcement I believe was more than 3 months. It would be nice to know what we can dream about in the meantime.

Separately, is there something the community can do to facilitate or help out?

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All the developers are hard at work currently on Sudobox. I’ll talk to the team about pushing out an announcement on what they are currently working on.


:ok_hand: keep up the hard work guys! :+1:

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keep up the hard work guys?
We know but after almost 2 years do not know how well they work, because there is nothing yet. but I expect with full excitement what there is new as an answer and how far the progress is. I am unfortunately permanently banned from the discord but continue to follow the project, especially since I have invested a lot of time.
hope it comes not only again the statement: we work hard on it…

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